Who can register for Celebration of Craft?

This event is designed for the independent craft retailer. As such, only retailers can register for the event. In order to ensure the content remains exclusive to retailers, you will be prompted upon registration for an invite code. Please note that if non-qualified folks register for the event, we reserve the right to refund and cancel your registration.


What if I do not have an invite code?

If you are a brick and mortar or online retailer in the craft space and wish to attend the event but do not have a code, no problem! Simply send an email to info@celebrationofcraft.com with your name and organization name and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


When is the show?

The show will be broadcast live on Monday, June 19, 2023. The show will start at 9am Pacific and finish around 4pm. It will be a packed day. The format will be a bit different from our usual shows; it will be full interactive as you will be creating 25 projects alongside us. And we’ll sprinkle in booth tours and project demos along the way.


How much does registration cost?

Registration for the event costs $250. This registration fee includes 25 new products, and kits to create 25 projects! Plus a $100 credit to use towards your order. Note that products for this event will be prototypes, meaning without packaging. Offering the products this way is allowing us to get more product in your hands, which means more samples to inspire your customers.


How many kits can I purchase?

Due to the amazing value of these kits, only one kit per store can be purchased. There is a lot of product in each kit and a lot of samples to be created, so we recommend you share your kit with your store staff to help do the “homework” and get those samples made! If you purchase more than one kit for your store, we will contact you to determine which kit to refund.


Is shipping extra?

Shipping within the continental US is included free with your kit purchase. Shipping to Canada will incur a $15 surcharge on top of the kit price, and shipping anywhere else in the world will incur a $25 surcharge.


Will there be show specials?

Yes, like with all of our Celebration of Craft events, Spellbinders will offer a show special, which will be detailed at the time of the event.


When does registration open and close?

Registration will open on April 17th and close on May 1st.


When will you be shipping the registration packets and class kits?

All kits will ship around June 1st. We will do our best to get your kits to you so you have ample time to do your “homework” before the show airing on June 19th.


We understand how important exclusivity is. Therefore, each of the make and takes and classes will present unique projects and will keep this content exclusive for 4 months to give you time to reteach the class to your customers.

Have a question about the event? Need help registering? Please contact us at info@celebrationofcraft.com